Our Why

We want to see our children grow up in a world where healthy connected couples are the norm. We are equipping couples with resources that actually work. Join our global community of marriages committed to ensuring an emotionally healthy future for generations to come.

Our Goals

+ WE will PROVIDE ONGOING EDUCATION for couples from engagement through marriage, from hurting to happy, from all ages, races, religions, and countries.  

+ We will invest in building technology to deliver quality education and resources that are easy to use.

+ We will always strive to provide affordable resources for couples

Our Values

Traditionally Hip

Marriage doesn't have to be boring. We appreciate the values of the past and bring them uniquely into the present.

Graciously Inclusive

Marriage exists in many countries and cultures. We accept everyone for who they are and want everyone to participate. 

Champions of Truth

We keep it real! We speak truth into relationships to foster healthy marriages.


We make it easy! We offer information, tools & resources that are applicable to real life.


Healthy marriages don’t happen by accident. We are committed to being purposeful and having an action plan. 


Perfection is unrealistic, which is why we’re on this journey with you and here to help.