Our Bucket List


We are the couple who is always looking for the next adventure.

I think it’s extremely important for couples to dream together and create goals for their future. It helps build security and trust in the marriage. So we have this ever evolving bucket list we created years ago and as we think of things, we just add them to the list. If you’re looking for new adventures with your mate, here is some inspiration for you.

Our Bucket List:

  • Plan a trip to Europe for Meygan’s 40th birthday

  • Go to the Jimmy Fallon Show

  • Be the house on the block with the most Christmas lights

  • Go to a rodeo in Texas

  • Walk the Camino De Compostela (google it!)

  • Take a cooking class at the junior college

  • Attend a Jack Johnson concert

  • Help build a school in Uganda

  • Sing Karaoke together at a dive bar

  • Buy a Vespa

  • Go skinny dipping

  • Go indoor skydiving

  • Live with the Amish for a month

  • Buy a standard poodle and name her Gidget

  • Meet Brené Brown

  • Write a book ✔️(We did it! Get your copy of 365 Connecting Questions here!)

  • Get on the Price is Right

  • See a broadway musical in New York City

  • Learn how to play golf

  • Go on a safari in Africa

  • Learn a magic trick


So, what's on your bucket list?