10 Qualities Every Thriving Marriage Has


There is a ton of marriage advice on the web. How do I get my wife to have more sex? How can I change my spouse?  Why can't my husband understand my feelings?  We all know and have heard it time and time again that marriage requires work. And while we agree, we need to be focusing on what things we can do to make an even better marriage.

We've put together a few practical ideas to incorporate into your relationship:

A Solid Friendship

Find hobbies and fun things to do together that bring out the laughter in your relationship. Couples are more likely to stay married if they are married to their best friend and can laugh with each other.


We all make mistakes. Holding on to hurt and anger only makes you miserable. The quicker you forgive, the happier and more free you will be to love.  Keep short accounts because forgiveness is for yourself, not for others.

Have Sex Often

If you're too tired or not in the mood, then its time to re-prioritize and carve out the time for intimacy. When you  pursue  sex, you show your spouse that you find them attractive and want to be intimate with them. Being connected physically is too emotional to ignore.


Easier said than done but it's a must if you want peace in your home. It's impossible to agree with every thing your spouse thinks so make sure you find balance and compromise when necessary.

Communicate in Love

Make sure you express your expectations and feelings to your spouse, but always in love. Remember that non-verbal communication and actions speak louder than words.

Serve Each Other

...and expect nothing in return. (Self-explanatory.)

Work on Yourself

You can't fix your marriage by fixing your partner. You're responsible only for what you bring to the relationship.

Embrace the Seasons

Every marriage goes through its ups and downs and there is no right or wrong way to fix it.  The key to success is to figure out a solution and work together. Turn towards each other during the difficult seasons and celebrate the good times!

Never Assume

Your spouse is not and will never be a mind reader. Even if you've told them 100 times, remember that we are all human and forget things. Never assume that your partner knows how you're feeling unless if you've verbally communicated it to them.

Appreciate your Differences

Lean on each others strengths, and forgive each others weaknesses. This is the most important one in our own opinion. Once you can accept your partners differences, then you will be able to appreciate and respect them.


Read the list with your spouse and have each of you pick one area above that you're going to work harder on this week. Make sure to follow up with each other in 7 days and have a conversation about it. Did you see changes in your spouse? Was there something that stuck out to you? Can you commit to each other to work on 1-2 of these in the next month?

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